8 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Garden

Invest in Some Hanging Plants

You might find having a smaller garden you don’t have the floor space for lots of plants or even the option for bedded plants. If you feel like this is a problem but still wish to be surrounded by beautiful flowers then hanging plants are a great option. Of course, if you’re not into getting your hands dirty you can buy ready planted hangers from most local garden centres. If you have the time though it’s much more fun to make your own! Once you've bought your basket you can fill it with your favourite flowers and get experimental with colours and textures.

The best thing is you've got beautiful flowers surrounding your garden without taking up any sought-after floor space.

Create A Spacious Feel With Outdoor Mirrors

You’ve probably seen this tip applied to interiors design. Using mirrors in a small room helps to create the illusion of space. Well, it will work exactly the same in your garden!

You may have never thought about adding a mirror to your outside space but this little trick will open up dark corners and brighten up dull walls. You will find outdoor mirrors at your local garden centre or you can have your pick of a range of design if you shop online.

Get creative and hang them on any walls in your garden for beautiful results.

Outdoor lighting

Theres no reason you should stop enjoying your garden after dark. Lighting can transform your garden and create ambiance in the summer evenings – perfect when entertaining, or even in the winter once the long nights have draw in. If you don’t have the funds for expensive lighting then there are other options. Fairy lights are cheap to buy and they look great. Simply hang them around trees or stung along fences for an enchanting feel.

Alternatively, candle lanterns are just as effective. Try hanging smaller ones or cluster together different sizes in dark corners for a lovely glow!

Herb Gardens

Having a small garden is no excuse for not growing your own herbs. They don’t take up much space, they’re hugely satisfying to watch grow and you can eat them!

A great way of growing herbs is to mount them on a wall or if you can get your hands on an old ladder, you can hang your herbs on there for a rustic feel look and feel. Also, doing this will free up your floor space.

If you have an awkward corner of your garden, this could be a great space for growing herbs. You can make a planter using old pallets to fit perfectly into the corner and they’ll be tucked away.

If you are stuck for ideas make yourself a pinterest board – there’s lots of inspiration out there.

Use More Colours

Might seem like a strange one but adding lighter colours to dull garden walls or fencings can instantly make your garden feel both more spacious and tidier at the same time!

Light pastel colours really do look great. However, if you’re the adventurous type, don’t be afraid to make a statement – Bright, bold and brave colours and look incredible.

Picking colours can be fun too, get some testers and get experimenting!

Carefully Consider Your Garden Furniture

Don’t rush into buying furniture if your limited for space in your garden. Take some time to think about what would get used the most by yourself or your family. Buying a table and chairs would be a waste of space and money if you don’t intend on eating alfresco. You may find that something like a large outdoor chair would be well used for entertaining in place of the table and chairs. There are so many different types of outdoor furniture available now and we are confident there will be the perfect addition to your garden but think carefully about how you want to use your garden before purchasing your furniture.

If really limited for space look for something that can be folded away when not being used to maximise space when needed.

Eliminate Unnecessary Storage

If you find yourself with an unused shed in your garden, then don’t be put off getting rid of it. Take your time to dismantle and dispose of at the recycling centre or if it’s in good condition, you might even find someone will want it for themselves.

It will free up so much space in your garden that you desperately need! Alternatively try turning your shed into space that will be used, like a kids play space or even a bar for entertaining!

If you feel you still need storage space but not enough for an entire shed there are plenty of storage containers available that will take up a lot less space, shop around for the best one for you!